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Madhouse Workplaces is a 360-degree view into the workplace lifecycle. Whether hiring the right talent, creating a rockstar team or having an adhesive workplace, if you carry the aspiration to make the right practices of your organization become the best practices of your industry, then we are the partner for you. Be it routine or strategy, we can take care of your people practices so that you can completely focus on your customers.

Solutions by Workplaces

Dust off your daily personnel management nittygritties to us. Your bandwidth is worth a lot more. Focus on building your org culture instead, while we take care of the mundane transactions.

What more! Spend only where you need to. Keep maneuvering your monthly spend on HR activities yourself, every month based on your requirements.

Finally there’s a place which gives you agility to review and alter your hiring ambition every month.
Fix your hiring target for the month and spend only as much as you aim for. Once the cost concern is off your back, you’d build a star team, not just close vacancies.

Why it’s high time you need it?

Attracting & retaining right talent continues to be one of the top 3 concerns for most business leaders in today’s competitive market where talented employees have various options to choose from. If even putting extra cash on the table or replacing your recruitment team or agencies hasn’t helped you any better, you’ll admit that your reputation as an employer of preference is the key to unlocking this dead-end. More so, when everything else you’re doing is being done by your competitors too.

What do we do for you?

We offer to keep you ahead in the game by helping to execute a proactive plan that will establish your brand reputation in the talent market, just as same as you may want to do in the consumer market.

How do we do that?

We manage the 4 pillars of your Brand as an employer, which are your

  • Online Reputation over Job Portals and Social Media.
  • Media and Academic relations
  • Leadership Image Building
  • Internal Employee Recognition and Communication

History is full of examples testifying that the true success of an M&A lies not in the due diligence and deal-making, but in the business integration that starts after the deal is done. Despite this realization, companies still fail to invest adequate attention towards operational, marketing, talent and cultural synergy, as a result of which either the M&A exercises fail completely, or take longer than estimated to yield desired results.

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