In today’s age, the landscape of content marketing is shifting from simple graphics and memes to videos. With Videos being watched on-the-go on almost every platform by all age-groups, video marketing increases the scope of consumer engagement from a simple like to more meaningful KPIs of brand awareness, engagement, and conversion.


About Madhouse Talkies

Madhouse Talkies is your ground crew, your pitstop for designing purpose-driven videos ranging from fictional drama, documentaries, story-led examples of product integrations, brand uplift to modern-age story formats like reels, pitch videos, ads, etc. Your brand is a story that you sell to your consumer, your investor, or your partner – they are ones seeking fresh perspective, a realistic approach, and a heroic dynamism from you. Madhouse Talkies will help you declutter your way up there!

Content of solutions

Be it a Startup grant or an accelerator application, not having a Pitch video is like losing the first base. And no, Pitch video cannot replace YOU, it only sets the ground for you. Most of the time, Pitch video is often taken as a nervous camera recording of the founder, awkwardly hiding behind a PowerPoint footage and some accented music, but hey, there’s more to it. Let us help you shape your perfect pitch.

Consumers have hit zero tolerance on direct ads today, while YouTube or Facebook is letting an option of skip ad slide in. Alternative? A fable narrated with an identity, reasoning and a strong connect with the audience. Brand films are nothing but stories to connect the consumer with your brand’s core vision and let your consumer hop onto a more trustworthy and committed relationship with your brand.

A catchy video to sell your product with a scoop of humour, action, drama, or romance. This must be short and crisp and not just loaded with tons of information. You wish to sell your product, even if you are not a brand yet, ad film is a way to it!

Reels are super-short to short videos on Instagram, catching vibes from diverse communities celebrating trending music, trending moves or trending lingo. Reels are a way to reach the hearts of Generation-Z potentially influencing the Generation X & Y.

Feel that your product needs a demo? The knock-knock approach of selling your product is to have those explainer videos showcasing functionalities, benefits and manifestation of a product.

Powerful talks have the stamina to change lives, bring new perspectives, transform attitudes, upgrade aptitudes, and inspire energy. The one who can do this, is a leader, not necessarily be the CXO or a Vice-President.

Workplace videos are community videos that showcase the versatile workspace beyond work, embracing the work hard, party harder vision of an employer. Remember, a successful brand is the one that where brand advocacy begins with their own employees, and those are mostly happy employees.

Myth Buster: A workplace video is not limited to team outing, football matches or grand fete at the next townhall.

A film not only based on facts or true events, but also showcasing facts, real characters, evidence, and commentaries from the horse’s mouth.

How Does it Work?

Video Goal

Identifying the purpose of the Video


Coining the story, look & feel and tonality

Planning and Production

Prepping production from cast to setups

Video Marketing

Helping the brand strategize seeding of the video content