About Madhouse Launchpad

Like war, Businesses are built on strategy - a plan to win, that's executed with precision. Not everyone will share the founder's passion, nor can a stable business be built purely on passion and day-after-day task-management. Without the right strategy, a good execution will rather cause faster bleeding and fall.

Madhouse Launchpad is an incubator, accelerator and integrator for all companies who are on a growth spree. We help you win the war, stage by stage, in terms of market understanding, disrupting strategies, fund-raising, and post-funds upscaling and growth, including the intangible aspects that either enable or deter the growth, but won't stay dormant if not addressed.

How Does it Work?

Discovery Sessions

Reviewing the current blueprint and drawing actionable

Market Research & Competition Analysis

Understanding market before building the strategy

Business Mentoring

Building the right strategy - a plan to win - one that can onboard the dispassionate

Prepping for Fundraising

Due Diligence, Valuation, Pitch Narrative, Founder's grooming, Branding

Investors Connect

Connecting with those who really matter

Post-Funding Scale-up & Integration Plan

Allocation, synergy & value