About Brands

Your brand is not just your face, but your outfit, your shoes, your mascara, your voice, your words, your vibe. Most importantly, it’s your integrity. It’s what makes you stand out. At Madhouse Brands, we help businesses evolve or reincarnate into a Brand that’s remembered. We keep a touch of tale and drama in our flair, while never losing grip on strategy at the core. We apply logic, yet fearlessly go experimental with various Content formats, vivid imagery and always-fresh ideation exercises. With us on your side, you can sleep better at night!

Solutions by Brands

  • Creation of the Brand
    • – Brand’s One-liner & the Story
    • – Brand’s Logo & Color Preferences
    • – Brand’s Visual Journey
  • Positioning of the Brand: How’s the brand solving the problem statement of a consumer with its product line?
  • Identifying Tonality that would become consumable for the said consumers
  • Standardizing Content Buckets basis Brand Identity
  • Setting the Strategy for Social Conversations
  • Creation of indicative Content Buckets for the social media channels
  • Setting the Tonality, Formats & KPIs of the communication floating out on various social media channels
  • Design thought & guidance/briefs of various social formats and channels
  • Channel Analytics of the Content posted on channels – Reach, Engagement, Success Rate (Cost vs Engagement). Derive observations into next actionable is part & parcel of this exercise
  • Video Strategy & Recommendations for the Brand
  • Complete Production of the Video, from identifying Storyline to seeing the final product
  • Motion Imagery/GIF stories for engagement
  • Docudrama Film Scripts
  • Employee/Corporate Video Scripts

Besides the script writing, creation of screenplay (how to shoot) documentation & guidance process of the proposed scripts

  • Coining Marketing Charters to solve a particular problem statement in hand
  • Head to Heart Message Stories for a marketing activity
  • Cracking concepts for various story formats against various mediums – campaigns tailored for a specific channel, short span campaigns, long-term brand campaign with channel-wise communication plan
  • Website Merchandizing Ideas for improved human-interaction
  • Bring Design-intelligence in the marketing communication of the brand
  • Notion behind a marketing effort, orientation & articulation to execution & delivery – a deep or even mediocre understanding of the mediums is important for each member of the team. Creating those miles to make for the in-house teams is one objective, and mentoring them to think innovation is another
  • Handholding the in-house team for independent & strong execution of Creative Innovation & Operations
  • Setting up processes – SOPs & SLAs for Creative, productivity-enhancement techniques for seamless communication workflow
  • Communication guidelines for the maintaining the brand’s tonality
  • Laying out roadmap of Content structure for the brand, basis the identity, vision and objective of the business
  • Creation of Content Tonality for various marketing channels
  • Creation of witty content – ad copy, short message, editorials, blogs, story, white paper, etc. for advertising/marketing efforts from the Brand
  • Subject-Matter Expert Content
  • Marketing Material Creation – Website, Booklets, Product Catalogue, Journals

How Does it Work?

Creative Brief

Knowing the Objective, Interpreting Analyzing


Brain-Spearing Ideas, Deriving Concepts, Drawing Best Possible Execution


What has already been Taken, What Works


For the ‘Love’ of Communication