The Mad Club Culture

Madhouse Works does not have an organization tree where typically leaders are at the top. Instead, it has a molecule structure where leaders are at the centre and all team members are directly connected with each other forming a strong, cohesive, collaborative work culture.

What are the common behaviours in all Madsters?

  • We live in 2025
  • We trust each other
  • We communicate promptly and respectfully
  • We love to mock and challenge the stereotypes
  • We are passionate, purposeful, and problem solvers
  • We hold the work integrity right at the top of everything else

The Logistics

Committed to build a hybrid, inclusive and innovative workplace where employees are valued for their individuality, unique perspectives, passion, skills, and independence. We are based out of Gurgaon, but we do operate out of everything terrestrial on the planet, both as employer as well as service provider.

Open Positions

  • Conceptualise the Design Thinking for Clients seeking freshness, makeover, or head start
  • Work alongside Project Managers to deliver the artwork
  • Brainstorm with Planners & Writers to come up with apt concept that solves the said problem statement of a customer
  • Set brand guidelines – typography, palette, tonality, elements, mnemonic, etc. for an individual, product or service
  • Play alongside various marketing channels – email, social, web, affiliates, offline, AV, etc. to bring synergy in designs


  • Follow the content marketing approach for writing blogs, editorials, concept notes
  • Enabler of brand as well individual communication for various platforms like email marketing, SMS, blog and social media
  • Meeting other SEO writing assignments as and when they arise on a regular basis
  • Writing various formats of web content, product descriptions, press releases and Brand Communications
  • Crack interesting slogans, taglines, etc. for various marketing collaterals
  • Prioritizing and multitasking various forms of writing
  • Understanding the chaotic world of online mediums today, pick the trends, apply!


  • Rich Communication & Presentation skills, Problem-solving attitude as well as aptitude, Research-driven, understanding design and content, negotiation, budgeting, organizing, and coordinating skills
  • People skills are a key, as you will be interfacing with many personalities across many companies
  • Hustling attitude who doesn’t mind getting his/her hands dirty with excellent organizational skills
  • MBA degree with specialization in HR
  • Strong technology skills and knowledge of trending apps & usages
  • Ability to manage complex projects and multi-task
  • Ability to flourish with minimal guidance, be proactive, and handle uncertainty and unforeseen situations


  • Strong inclination to adapt and learn
  • An inquisitive mind not only running on the fuel of curiosity but also building castles with her/his strong imagination, visualization, and out-of-the-box ability
  • A good hand on some designing, writing or video tools
  • Ability to shift roles with each project – from copywriter to assistant director of an ad film to social media planner of a brand


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